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Simple Indian eatery offering build-your-own biryani & Indian faves.


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Have tried 5 Indian restaurants so far, this one seems to be the best in midtown Manhattan. And I'm a hard critic since I love cooking and tasting Indian food.


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Food was well packaged, warm and timely. Worth ordering delivery from here!


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Great tasting food, have ordered twice and would order again! Recommend


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Amazing Indian restaurant. You get a lot of food with the feast.


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Excellent food! Big portion for not a lot of money. Thanks!

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I ordered 1 $2.76 Side Yellow Lentils and 1 $9.19 Chicken Tikka Biryani with Spice Level 1 and Side of Crispy Onions (I was worried if i got the onions on top, they woudl get soggy by the time I ate. it was a good idea to do so). Food came within the expected delivery time frame, and the delivery man was very nice and polite. The food is delicious. The lentils were still piping hot, and served as teh perfect complement to the chicken dish. I would have preferred more chicken and less rice, but that's my preference. Serving size enough for a big lunch (my line of work sometimes I can't take a break to eat until lunch is often my biggest meal). The spice level was good for me, but I wouldn't add spice at all if you are sensitive. I add all three of the sauces they give you to kick it up a notch flavor-wise, although it really doesn't need it. My Indian co-worker actually poked her head into my office asking what smelled so good and took down the name of the restaurant, so you know they got the spices/flavors right! Great job, Indikitch. I'll definitely be ordering again in the future.


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I have been to Indikitch in person and really crossed my fingers that their delivery would be as good as the in store experience and boy was I lucky! Not only was the food deliveries on time, they also packed it so that there was no spillage - the curry was in a separate small plastic container and the whole feast box was wrapped in tinfoil (which kept it hot!). The food was as delicious as in store and I'm so happy to finally have a good Indian food deliver in Chelsea. Absolutely will order from here again.


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The menu is very simple but covers all the good stuff. The food is always hot and fresh when it arrives. All the side dishes are very tasty too; I usually go with the Chicken Tikka feast but change up the side orders. Tonight, they forgot one small item in my delivery order, and the manager very kindly sent over the missing item along with a few extra goodies. Thanks for the great customer service! The one item I would like to see on the menu would be gulab jamun :)


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Amazing customer service the entire team from
The management to the chefs to customer service team are amazing. Living in Chelsea very close to the restaurant we have many options to choose from and Indikitch consistently delivers superior food while integrating a 5 star customer experience. If they had a Michelin Star for takeout they would deserve it. Cheers Doug and James


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I'll preface this by saying that I'm not Indian nor am I an expert on Indian food. But my first order of food from here was delicious. I ordered my meal with spice level 2, which was just the right amount to not overpower the other flavors. All in all everything tasted great, and I'll be ordering from here again to try more meals and combinations.

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